Spend an unforgettable day on a traditional wooded boat, sail the Libyan Sea and visit a an uninhabited Greek islet, Koufonisi.

Explore its with ther golden sand and swim in the crystal clear waters.


On the island, ancient ruins cover its surface and can be dated from the Minoan civilisation and the post-Byzantine era.

Though uninhabited now, Koufonisi held a special value for ancient Greeks, and its waters (rich in sea sponges and shells) attracted civilisations as varied as the Minoans and the Byzantines. In fact, there are Hellenistic and Roman ruins around the isle, some still in the process of being excavated. 

You are free to explore a landscape sculpted over time by the elements. Tread carefully, though. The entire island has been given Natura 2000-protected status.


Koufonissi is the ancient island of Lefki (means “White”), because of its white rocks and sand.