We start our day in the village of Mohos, an original, lively Cretan village where the way of life has hardly changed at all over the centuries. You can have a coffee in one of the original Kafenions and take a walk around the village itself to find out, with the help of your guide, what Cretan village life is like. Just where the plateau begins is the impressive Monastery of Vidiani, which is dedicated to Zoodochos Pigi (the Life-Giving Spring) with its small fountain in the yard that is surrounded by flowers and huge cypress trees. Our next stop is the Diktean Cave, the most important and famous of the 3000 caves on the island, which is believed to be the birthplace of Zeus, the father of the Greek Gods. An imposing cave, impressively adorned with large columns, stalactites and stalagmites.

Moving downhill, we come across the village Psychro where we will find a famous pottery centre.  Here we can see a traditional potter at work and listen in as he shares some of the secrets of his craft.

We stop for lunch at Tzermiado, the capital of Lassithi Plateau.

The Nunnery of Panagia Kera is our last stop.

It is believed that the founding of the monastery is connected with the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary, from which it takes its name (Kera means Our Lady) According to tradition, during the iconoclastic period, this icon was moved to Constantinople, but returned miraculously.

Don’t miss a relaxing day exploring Crete’s past - from the Ancient Greek Gods to traditional village life.


Casual dress

Comfortable shoes

Light jacket or cardigan .Lassithi is always cooler than any other resort in Crete.