6-7 Hour Tour



Our first stop is at the village of Kritsa, famous for its long history since the era of the ancient city of LATO until the Ottoman times. The village features the important religious monument of Panagia KERA, which dates back to the 12th century.


We continue towards Katharo Plateau (altitude 1200m) through the cypress forest where we see goats, sheep and if we get lucky, we may even witness Cretan vultures in the wild. It is an excellent occasion to take photos of the MIRA A BELO Gulf, a name given by the Venetians and means “beautiful view”.


We then move southwards to Selakano forest, which is famous for the unique, high quality honey that is produced there.

We will cool off at Sarakina Gorge, a gorge of easy access for all. Photos of this breathtaking landscape will impress your friends.

We continue towards the southernmost point in Europe, that is, the fishing village of Myrtos. It is time for a swim, shopping or a cup of tea by the Libyan Sea.


Be sure to bring your sneakers, a towel and sunscreen with you and of course to fully charge your cameras.