Chania, Crete’s second largest city and the former capital of the island. The town is divided into the old town within the Venetian city walls which is an attractive maze of narrow streets, old mansions and arcades, with mosques and minarets bearing witness to the Turkish influence and the carefully laid out new town which is considered to be one of the most beautiful towns in Greece.


We continue onwards for a relaxing stop at the one and only fresh water lake on Crete, Kournas.

Lake Kournas lies in a valley, in a beautiful area between the hills and the surrounding mountains and is reminiscent of a lake in the Alps. Here you can walk around the lake and see how the colour of the water changes according to the time of day, you can watch and feed the ducks, you can have a refreshing swim in the shallow water and enjoy a meal in one of the numerous tavernas close by, enjoying the lovely views.

On our way back, a short a visit to Rethymnon will allow you to shop for antiques and knick-knacks in the narrow streets of the Old Town, to gaze up at the Turkish minarets and to stroll along the Venetian port down to the fortress and along the golden sandy beach stretching into the distance. You’ll never believe one island could have such contrasting sights, and colors.
This “Little Venice of Crete” still has a wealth of Italian architecture. Get in touch with the Orient as you browse through the cross-shaped indoor market which is the ideal spot to find some unusual presents and souvenirs. “Leather Street” is a great place to look for those leather bargains: bags, belts or made to measure shoes.