QUESTION: How much do the tours offered by your company, cost?

ANSWER: The price of a tour depends on the situation of your hotel. There are two prices cited on our site: if a hotel of your future stay is situated close to Ag. Nikolaos, then you should pick the price under “Agios Nikolaos area”. If your hotel is situated in Istron, Elounda then you should pick the price “Elounda.. or Istron area”.


QUESTION: Are there any discounts for kids?

ANSWER: Definitely. For the kids 3-12 years old the discount is 50%, for those under 3 all tours are free of charge.


QUESTION:  Do the tours include meals?

ANSWER:  No, they don’t, unless there is a special reference, ,e.g. – a Spinalonga tour includes a barbeque, and a Cretan evening includes inner.


QUESTION: Where do I get picked up for a tour?

ANSWER: For each hotel there is a special pick up point, either next to your hotel, or next to the neighbouring one, if large buses have difficulties to drive close to your hotel. The farthest pick up point is not far than 200 meters from the hotel entrance.


QUESTION: Who are the guides and in which language are the tours?

ANSWER:  Our tours are held by professional guides who have a vast experience in this sphere. Should you want to join a tour in English, French, German language, please advise us accordingly. Russian tourists would have Russian language tours done by Russian guides. 


QUESTION: What vehicles do you have for your tours?

ANSWER:  Our tours are organized with the use of large, comfortable air-conditioned buses. We follow all safety rules and regulations. Our drivers are high professionals with great experience in driving such buses.

QUESTION: Should we book the tours in advance?

ANSWER: During high season (July-August) the buses are usually always full. So for you to be sure that you will manage to get the tour you wish the day you plan, it is advisable to book in advance, especially in respect of the Santorini tour.


QUESTION: How can I book and pay a tour?

ANSWER:  To book a tour, please press the button BOOK and fill in the form, specifying the excursion,the date of the tour, the number of the persons, the age of the children, the name of the hotel and your contact details, and press the button SEND.


 Please note that you will receive an invoice sent to the email or your phone you specify in the form.

 Please pay this invoice via Viva Wallet system by clicking on the link below:



     or via Paypal system. 



After we receive your payment, the voucher will be sent to your email, with indications of the date and time and place of your pick up. Then the only thing you will have to do, will be to look forward to the day when you will have a wonderful travel with our company.


QUESTION: Where and how can I ask about other additional issues?

ANSWER:  You should use the feedback form here on our website or write to our email address: